About Us



Who We are

EMIRAIL, has been stablishes as one of the most excellent company in United Arabs Emirates (UAE), in partnership with Khalifa fund Enterprise Development and Dubai SME, which specialized in supplying high technology products & provide service such as: (construction, welding contract, fabrication equipment & maintenance), related to the commercial & urban train railways industries. Railway Product line offering currently includes (Rolling Stock, Signaling & Telecom, Plant Equipment & Machinery, Coaches, Wagons, Construction Services, Tunneling, Track Services, Track Specialty Products, Electrical, Maintenance, Overhaul Services & Spare Part). We are one of the main supplier railway industry in UAE and GCC countries (KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait). It is official & exclusive representative of many foreign companies in the GCC Countries, and has reputed relationships with local companies and factories in the UAE and the GCC regain.


Four facts about the technology

We represent the following Companies with excellent products

1. Railteco
2. Holland
2. GE (General Electric)
3. Lloyd Rail Ltd
4. Jiangsu Railteco Industrial Co., Ltd
5. Al Nakhi Company
6. HBL Power Systems Ltd, India
7. Korea Power Tech, Korea
8. WT International Inc., Taiwan
9. EPE Switchgear, Malaysia
10. Fuji Electric, Japan
11. Brugg Cable, Switzerland

We are offering high quality products

1. Thermal Welding For Rail Tracks
2. GE Rail Lighting system
3. Track maintenance solutions, tamping, ballast cleaning, ballast regulating, sandite & water jetting, and rail welding
4. Specialized Batteries - Ni-Cd / Nickel Cadmium (Pocket Plate, Fiber Plate & Sintered Plate Batteries), Lead Acid Batteries, OPzS Batteries, Air Craft Batteries etc.
5. Battery Charger, DC DBs, DC UPS Systems, DC – DC Converter, Inverters
6. AC UPS, Auto Voltage Regulator, Stabilizer, AC DB, Static Switch
7. Web based remote battery monitoring system especially for Telecom & Utilities
8. Solar Panels and charge controllers
9. Power & Distribution Transformers
10. Dry Type Transformers
11. Power & Distribution transformers accessories
12. LV & MV Cast Resin Bus duct System
13. MV Voltage Switchgear
14. Various Railway signaling and interlocking products
15. Spun Concrete product for Power Transmission Lines, Street Lighting & Telecom poles
16. High Voltage cables & accessories

Railway & Welding

a. Railway clips & fasteners.
b. Signal & power bonds wires
. c. Signal & power welding supplies.
4. Aluminothermic welding kits & butt flash welding carts.
d. Rail tracks cutting & removal tools.
e. Grinders, fabricators, drills and railway construction tools.
f. Grounding graphite molds.
g. Weld metal for rail power/signal bonds.
h. Weld metal for rail tracks grounding.
I. Clamps, Ignition systems, flint guns and accessories.

Railway Lightening & Energy Saving Sensors

a. LED. Lights for railway crossing, rail signals and trains.
b. Electronic ballasts & lighting gear for various railway stations applications compatible with energy saving sensors.
c. Metal halide & high-pressure sodium light bulbs from 100W to 1500W.
d. Lighting housings & fixtures.
e. Motion sensors to detect movement in railway stations or lines to instruct light to be turn on/off.
f. Light Sensors to adjust/dim light electronically based on sun light conditions inside rail stations.
g. Timers to turn lights ON/OFF to save energy.
h. Railway roads and rail stations lighting solutions that resist vibration from trains’ Movements. LED lighting for signals.