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Unique and exclusive program to certify your engineers and welders as “Certified Rail Tracks Professionals”


1. Manage and maintain rail tracks operations, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
2. Assessing defects in railway tracks and fix/replace them.
3. Manage multiple crossing for rail lines.
4. Manage power distribution and signals reliability in railway systems.
5. Update & upgrade railway lines.
6. 25, years & 50, year’s maintenance contracts.


1. Installing and placing the rail tracks on the ground,
2. Perform the measurement and pre-welding engineering.
3. Weld and bond rail tracks together.
4. Fabricate the welded tracks into smooth surfaces.
5. Testing and verifying the quality.
6. Weld the signal & power bonding wires into the rail track.
7. Activate communications between the trains and the controlling station.
8. Exothermically weld the grounding wires from the rail tracks to the appropriate grounding points.
9. Certify the project and provide a certificate of compliance.
1. Assessment of power substations for power and railway supplies.
2. Perform exothermic grounding/earthing welding for substations and railway lines.
3. Perform all grounding welding for rail structures.
4. Secure power substations from any power failures.
5. Protect railway power from any failures.

1. Save up to 35% of current electricity/energy usage by upgrading into new lighting systems.
2. Assessment and analysis of current lighting system and
3. Propose custom plans to upgrade lighting systems.
4. Designing and installing efficient lighting systems/energy saving sensors for railway stations
5. Maintenance of efficient lighting systems and energy saving sensors for railway stations.
6. Replacing and upgrading old lighting systems into modern and efficient lighting systems.
7. Install and test LED signal lights for railway crossing and rail stations.


1. Work Shop Equipment, Machinery, & Spare Parts Trading
2. Industrial Plant Equipment & Spare Parts Trading
3. Construction Equipment & Machinery Trading
4. Trains Spare Parts Components Trading
5. Inspection, Testing Equipment &Devices Trading
6. Central Ventilators & Air-Filters Trading
7. Petrol Station Equipment Trading
8. Simulation Equipment, System Trading & Maintenance

Committed to start manufacturing railway products in UAE as of its 2018/2019 plans and with license and support from its foreign companies affiliations. Manufacturing in the UAE will bear The mark below on all products made and assembled in UAE.